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CASE STUDY : Mohave Valley House

An amazing underground home with surface complex, with an unconventional pit style entrance using a spiral staircase.  Moving below ground, the house ...

seward townhouses

CASE STUDY : Seward Townhomes

While not a single residence, this townhouse development in minneapolis is a collective selling point for the benefits of underground houses in an urb...


CASE STUDY : Buckner House

An opulently furnished, almost surreal underground house in North Central Texas. This home blends retro with sci-fi with a classy timeless feel. NO...


CASE STUDY : House Gazebo

This amazing, ultra-modern earth-sheltered home in ecuador is pristinely blended with its surroundings.  With a thin green roof over an amazing minima...

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LINK: Underground, Self-Sustaining Home (City of God Villages)

Hill-side home with open-to-the-sky atrium. "We have recently received cost estimates from a quality concrete contractor and a major modular...