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About the Author

My name is Ryan Bishop, and I’m a freelance web developer in Austin, TX. Since I’ve had a computer capable of it (during the late 90s), I’ve been designing using various 3D platforms as a hobby. Recently, I’ve merged my passion of 3D design work with an ongoing personal mission to design my first house. I was drawn to underground homes both for the quiet and the energy efficiency.

So why did I get into underground homes?

Well, it was a slow progression. The seed was planted by watching documentaries on folks converting old nuclear missile silos to underground homes. Both ICBM and Titan Style missile sites have been converted to very unique, utilitarian homes over the last few decades. I don’t necessarily know when the defining “eureka” moment came, but when it did it unleased a wave of research that has led to numerous designs and the construction of this site. Finding few central resources, as a seasoned website developer I decided to build a comprehensive listing of the associated web resources for earth-sheltered and even earthen-roof homes.