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CASE STUDY : Atomitat

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The inspiration for several of the pioneering underground homes of the cold war era, this amazing home was the pinnacle of underground home building in the 60s. Built to nuclear bunker specifications, the house served first as a showcase, and then as a residence to underground home legend Jay Swayze of the dallas texas area. The house was featured in the world’s fair of 1964 as a design innovation in the tide of the red scare.

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Underground Home Details

Name: Atomitat
Location: Plainview,TX
Square Footage: 3400
Construction Materials: reinforced concrete,
Earth Cover: 13 feet!
Architect: Jay Swayze
Year Built 1961-1962
Citation Source(s): World's Fair Photos -
Home Status(s): still occupied, decent condition
Concrete Wall Thickness: 13"
Concrete Roof Thickness: 10"