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CASE STUDY : Bald Top Dugout – Lyme, New Hampshire

A concrete underground behemoth, this earth-sheltered house by architect Don Metz is a timeless design that would look just as in-place today as when it was built in 1977.


  •     Concrete,     Timber / Wood,  Urethane Sheeting,   Asphalt Pitch


Underground Home Details

Name: baldtop dugout
Square Footage: 2200
Construction Materials: Concrete, Timber / Wood, Urethane Sheeting, Asphalt Pitch
Architect: Don Metz
Heating and Cooling: Wood stoves, oil furnace, passive cooling
Year Built 1977
Waterproofing: asphalt pitch, 5ply on roof and 2ply on walls
Insulation: urethane foam
Where you can find more info: on the web at
Home Status(s): unknown