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CASE STUDY : Bordie Residence – Austin, TX

This unique, underground home with a central large atrium is a prime example in the literature of classic design styling that remains modern even to this day.Unfortunately, the only details I can find for this example are featured in the 1977 book “Earth Sheltered housing design : Guidelines, examples, and references.

UPDATE 10/16/2012:
There are also quite a few references to this in a popular science article from April, 1977



  • urethane foam insulation
  • membrane waterproofing
  • mastoc and fiberglass walls
  • plastic sheeting for additional waterproofing
  • 8″ reinforced concrete walls, precast roof


Designed by Coffee and Crier, 509 Oakdale Austin TX – constructed 1975 (firm whereabouts unknown)

Underground Home Details

Name: Bordie Residence
Location: Austin,TX
Square Footage: 2000
Construction Materials: concrete, plastic membrane, urethane foam, mastic and fiberglass
Earth Cover: 14 o 18 inches
Architect: Coffee and Crier, 509 Oakdale Austin TX, Engineered by George Maxwell
Heating and Cooling: solar hot water with forced backup
Year Built 1975
Waterproofing: sheet membrane, mastic and fiberglass, plastic sheeting
Insulation: urethane foam
Citation Source(s): "Earth sheltered housing design : guidelines, examples, and references" by The underground space center, university of minnesota. 1978
Home Status(s): unknown