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CASE STUDY : Cumbria House

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Fair Use Image Credit:, Grand Design (BBC)

One of the more famous examples of english underground homes, the cumbria house is rare in that the construction is amazingly well documented. Featured on the UK show ‘Grand Designs’, the construction process was detailed including a few initial speedbumps that most construction projects may face. The home has bedrooms situated on the ground floor, and the living area upstairs for the most part to take advantage of stunning views through an all-glass front.

CASE STUDY : Cumbria House, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Underground Home Details

Name: Cumbria Home
Location: Great Ormside,Cumbria UK
Architect: John Bodger
Year Built 2002
Insulation: superinsulation on roof using blown foam
Home Status(s): unknown