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CASE STUDY : Feuille House

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Built for a the weather on the coast, this simple wood/concrete underground home features an open floorplan and central two-level area with a loft.

Underground Home Details

Name: Feuille House
Location: Sea Ranch,CA
Square Footage: 1854
Construction Materials: concrete block, wood, reinforced concrete, rigid insulation
Earth Cover: 12in
Architect: David Wright, Environmental Architect, PO box 49, Sea Ranch CA 95497 (in 1978, unverified)
Heating and Cooling: passive solar, electric baseboard, wood stove, natural ventilation
Year Built 1979
Waterproofing: mastic
Insulation: rigid and fiberglass
Where you can find more info: "earth sheltered homes" by the university of minnesota's underground space center
Citation Source(s): "Earth Sheltered Homes : Plans and Designs" by the Underground Space Center of the university of minnesota
Home Status(s): unknown