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CASE STUDY : Greenbrier Home

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“This 30 year-old home is an excellent example of a correctly constructed underground dwelling. There are no moisture, mildew or structural problems. The home is passively solar heated (it is south-facing) and maintains a fairly constant temperature with moderate input from the central heat/air. As it faces south in Arkansas, it can get rather hot in the summer. There are photos of our house on Zillow from when it was for sale two years ago, but we did not take them. I believe they were taken by Heather Wyman, from whom we bought this wonderful home.” – S. Cook

CASE STUDY : Greenbrier Home, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Underground Home Details

Name: Greenbrier Home
Location: Greenbrier,AR
Square Footage: 1752
Construction Materials: concrete
Architect: Ronnie Roberson - Original owner/builder
Heating and Cooling: Central H/A
Year Built 1981
Insulation: Earth, air space
Home Status(s): unknown
Concrete Wall Thickness: 8"