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CASE STUDY : Seward Townhomes

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While not a single residence, this townhouse development in minneapolis is a collective selling point for the benefits of underground houses in an urban environment. Built with a large facing towards a very active roadway, the occupants apparently report a very quiet living environment and fairly stable temperature in minnesota winters. (See case study source book for more details).

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Underground Home Details

Name: Seward Townhomes
Location: Minneapolis,MN
Square Footage: 1065
Construction Materials: reinforced concrete block, wood stud walls, precast concrete roof, panel and slab-on-grade floors.
Earth Cover: 18 inch
Architect: Michael dunn / Close Associates, Inc.
Heating and Cooling: Natural ventilation, Gas furnace, Solar
Year Built 1979
Waterproofing: Sprayed-on bentonite
Insulation: Rigid and Fiberglass
Citation Source(s): Earth Sheltered Homes, plans and designs By the Underground Space Center, University of Minnesota
Home Status(s): present but unknown
Building Cost (original): 783,815