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CASE STUDY : Sticks and Stones house

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This unusually urban earth sheltered home is a great example of building underground in a dense city. Located in minneapolis, minnesota, this 1350 square foot home is a testament to how some designs stay modern even over 30 years. The home features numerous window wells, and faces south to take advantage of solar heating.

CASE STUDY : Sticks and Stones house, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Underground Home Details

Name: Sticks and Stones house
Location: Minneapolis,MN
Square Footage: 1350
Construction Materials: reinforced concrete blocks, precast concrete roof, concrete slab-on-grade floor, bituthene, rigid foam insulation
Earth Cover: 90% on roof, 12-18 inches
Architect: Sticks and Stones Design (froehle, saphir, and Joos)
Heating and Cooling: forced-air gas furnace, passive solar, wood stove, natural ventilation
Year Built 1980
Waterproofing: bituthene
Insulation: rigid foam
Citation Source(s): "Earth sheltered homes : Plans and Designs" by the underground space center, university of minnesota
Home Status(s): unknown