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CASE STUDY : SunEarth House

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UPDATE: Apparently “SunEarth” is actually an underground home plan, which you can purchase for $325 at

This innovative underground home in colorado has the perfect blend of PAHS techniques and extensive berming. The home features floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing south,  and a less conventional passive solar system using water-filled black drums.

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Underground Home Details

Name: SunEarth House
Location: Longmont,CO
Square Footage: 1800
Construction Materials: cast-in-place concrete walls, concrete deck, steel joist roof, concrete slab-on-grade floor, tar, felt
Earth Cover: 100% on roof at 12", 75" on walls
Architect: Johnson-Volland-Archulula Inc. / Colorado SunWorks
Heating and Cooling: Turbine ventilators, passive solar, PAHS, hot water baseboard, heat-circulating fireplace
Year Built 1978
Waterproofing: three-ply tar and felt
Insulation: fiberglass
Citation Source(s): "Earth Sheltered Homes : Plans and Designs" by the Underground Space Center of the university of minnesota
Home Status(s): unknown