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CAST STUDY : Rothell Home

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A large, well-protected terradome earth sheltered home


We have lived in this home for 27 years. We bought it without any
information or knowledge about the house. It was about 2 years old
then. After much research and questioning we learned to let the house
do what it does best and we have very comfortable since. It is a very
solid home and shows almost none of the normal wear and tear of the
elements that above ground homes experience. About 7 years ago we did
renovate the inside and made it handicap accessible although it
already had wide doors and was ground level. Up keep on the home has
been very little over the years.

– Alva and Shirley Rothell


UPDATE 11/10/2017:

The rothell home has apparently changed hands, and is no longer for sale! Congrats to the lucky new owner, Bill Ellis, who says “ I have learned over the last two years waking up every morning ‘six feet under'”

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Underground Home Details

Name: Rothell Home
Location: Erath County,TX
Square Footage: 1924
Construction Materials: concrete, terradome form system, stucco, styrofoam
Earth Cover: 4-5 feet
Architect: Terra-Dome
Heating and Cooling: conventional heat and cool earth cooling installed but not connected
Year Built 1982
Insulation: Styrofoam, 2"
Citation Source(s): Owner Submission
Home Status(s): for sale, livable
Concrete Wall Thickness: 10"