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Category: 3D models

VIDEO : A 3d rendering of a walking tour of stonewing!

Underground house concept : Stone Wing V6

Design on the stone wing concept is being revived after a brief hiatus.  My underground home project is growing to include a sunroom / atrium entryway that will give more exposure for PAHS efficiency, and the overall layout has changed drastically to accommodate a larger common area. Check out the attached rough sketch – more to come!

3D VIEW : Stone Wings

Underground home concept – Trapezoid 1

This underground home concept combines the landbridge and full earthen roof concepts.

Underground House Concept : Curvy

This underground house concept is a hybrid between a land bridge, a breeze-way, and an atrium to really provide a solid base for independent living.

Underground House Concept – Squarely, Version 2

This refined version of the previous squarely underground home concept is a breath of realistic air. Although space improvements are in the works, and a possible expansion being designed, this version offers a variety of structural and load distribution improvements. To accomodate a large uninterrupted room for the normal living functions, only the bedroom and master bath will have a completely separate space (in addition to being the most buried portion, for temperature benefits)

Underground Home Concept – half covered with delta supports

This design combines a relatively light-weight earthen roof with a more modern concrete design and atrium. The entertainment room and bedroom is significantly covered and bermed with earth.

Underground Home Concept – Diagonal with Covered Parking Space

This prior earth-sheltered home combines a large layout with some interesting interior architecture.

Underground House Concept – Large, complex modern layout

This older concept adds a luxurious touch of class to my designs. This underground house concept shows off a unique, modern floorplan great for a minimalist

Underground House Project – Delta Retaining Walls and Full Earthen roof


This underground eco-house concept is a re-take on 1970s-era underground house designs with a relatively timeless look. The back would be covered, but this model is not intended to be built into a hillside for drainage concerns. This underground house would be above-grade, and utilities/lines built into the roof loft-style, maybe with an exposed tress system for support. The roof is shown exposed, however the sodden roof would be back-filled to within 1-3″ of the skylights and stove pipe vent, and would need to be at least 18″ deep on all surfaces.


Re-enforced concrete outer walls and roof, concrete inner walls


Re-enforced concrete, 6″
2-4″ of waterproofing layers (material to be determined)