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Category: Brick

CASE STUDY : Wall Home

This example may not be as firmly in the “pro” category. A great example of the 90 degree facing design style, this underground home was however abandoned and eventually demolished due to mold and water activity. Among the complaints of the owner are a lack of exterior noise (which may not be a detractor for some) and mold growth. Facing repairs, the couple apparently chose to build and move into a traditional home on the property.

CASE STUDY : Fieldstone Suite

This small underground home packs a lot of punch. Serving as a rental (but not bed and breakfast), this 600 sqft pristine example of the retaining wall style with an earthen roof lets you truly experience the benefits of an earth-sheltered home.

CASE STUDY : SunEarth House

UPDATE: Apparently “SunEarth” is actually an underground home plan, which you can purchase for $325 at

This innovative underground home in colorado has the perfect blend of PAHS techniques and extensive berming. The home features floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing south,  and a less conventional passive solar system using water-filled black drums.

CASE STUDY: A Bart Prince earth-sheltered home in NM

An alluring blend of architectural styles, this amazing earth-sheltered home is actually for sale as of Jan 2013. With a spanish brick style mixed with contemporary wood features, every part of this home shows off the amazing intricacy of renowned architect Bart Prince.

CASE STUDY : The rogers house

A simple, but brilliantly practical poured concrete underground home featuring a central large fireplace that also acts as thermal storage.