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Category: Earthbag / Sandbags

CASE STUDY : Dobson House

LINK : Earthbag building plans (External Link)

LINK : A history of Earthbag building (External Link)

LINK : Earthbag building calculator (External Link)

CASE STUDY : The Hart Home

This earthbag dome home is located in Crestone, CO. It was built over the course of 3 years by its owners – Kelly and Rosana Hart.  The home was built to plumbing and electrical codes but not to the uniform housing codes (not adopted by region)

LINK : Earthbag building videos (External Link)

A great series of embedded youtube and vimeo videos on both aboveground and underground earthbag homes.

VIDEO : A timelapse video of an Earthbag home being built

VIDEO : Building an earthship

LINK : The blog of kelly hart, of (External Link)

Link : Earthbag Building – Home page (External Link)