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Category: Concrete – Reinforced

CASE STUDY : Leisenring Home

A unique underground home by its features list alone, this large earth home serves as a self-sufficient example on 5 acres.

From the Owners:

“Hi, we recently purchased the home after its former owner passed away. ….The home sits on 5 acres and is basically self sufficient. Has a bomb shelter, indoor pool with waterfall and many other interesting features.”

CASE STUDY : Ratzlaff House

This amazing owner-built underground home is truly unique. The home immediately shows a striking combination of landscape and terrain design,  scale of construction, and intricate architectural elements. The interior continues the trend with an opulent-if-not-almost-gratuitous mixture of classical wood furnishings (the owner is a woodworker), and even features a secret door! I could go on, but please see the owner’s website ( for a much better tour!

CASE STUDY : The Hobbitat

This underground home, experimental even by earth-sheltered housing standards, is a marvelous example of start-to-finish planning. With

LINK: DICO Inc (External Link)

CASE STUDY : Philip Island House

This amazing plain concrete underground home is a pinnacle of simplicity and the retaining wall design. Forming a large courtyard, the home provides a sheltered family home with a trapezoidal facade facing the beach.

CASE STUDY : Earth House in Seoul, South Korea

This pit-style underground home in south korea features an open atrium connected with a small 6-room concrete home (all below grade)

LINK : Hardened Structures – offering bomb shelters, fortified homes, bunkers, etc (External Link)

CASE STUDY : Arant Home

Photo: Copyright Mike Arant

This underground home is the model of a more recent development, being owner-constructed and occupied currently.

From the Owner:

“The square footage is about 2425. It took about 18 months for the concrete to completely cure and reach a stable interior temperature. We have had no leaks, cracks, or other problems, and are very happy with the finished result of all our planning and construction. Right now it is 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but as soon as I get a 2 car garage built the current internal 1 car garage will be converted to a 3rd bedroom. In the initial design this was anticipated, so the space already has all power and air conditioning ducts in place. It will need only to frame in the garage door and finish the walls.”

OWNER UPDATE 4/29/2015 :

“We currently live in the home and are very happy with how it performs. It meets all of our expectations. It features large picture windows on the south and west sides, under 4′ overhangs. Since the blog was last updated we have built a 3 car attached garage and added 4 kw grid tied solar. The yard is planted to all native grasses, shrubs and wildflowers, which perform quite well with no irrigation. The roof is planted to Texas purple sage and lantana, which need no irrigation. Since construction over 30 trees of various varieties have been planted, with no irrigation other than drip on the citrus.”


CASE STUDY : The Pinnacle House

This exquisite, sprawling underground home by Don Metz (among the legends of earth-sheltered home building) is not only a beautiful home to live in, at the time of writing it’s actually on the market.

CASE STUDY : Feuille House

Built for a the weather on the coast, this simple wood/concrete underground home features an open floorplan and central two-level area with a loft.