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CASE STUDY : The Pinnacle House

This exquisite, sprawling underground home by Don Metz (among the legends of earth-sheltered home building) is not only a beautiful home to live in, at the time of writing it’s actually on the market.

CASE STUDY : The Ellis Park House

This very angular, ultra-modernist design is part earth-sheltered, and part sustainable living. The Ellis Park House, by Altius Architecture

LINK : The underground house of jim mortensen (External Link)

CASE STUDY: A Bart Prince earth-sheltered home in NM

An alluring blend of architectural styles, this amazing earth-sheltered home is actually for sale as of Jan 2013. With a spanish brick style mixed with contemporary wood features, every part of this home shows off the amazing intricacy of renowned architect Bart Prince.

LINK : A unique underground home in the UK (External Link)

CASE STUDY : Robot Ranch

Robot ranch is a unique inter-connected dome concept,  with a massive floorspace of 4,144 square feet. The home is embedded in the side of a hill near Ferris, Texas, and is comprised of several interconnected concrete monolithic domes.

CASE STUDY : Stone Wing


This delta retaining wall design features a large common area with large storage/moisture areas to the left and right with sloped walls. The wall design, which would most likely be painted in flat eggshell and maroon colors, is designed to reflect some light back down and up while the maroon areas absorb heat into the top of the walls and some parts of the ceiling. Large supporting beams break up the monotony and distribute the load of the earthen ceiling (10-12″ of re-inforced concrete).

Floor Plan (V4)

Note – this design has not been structurally analyzed or professionally engineered and blueprinted yet, so please don’t consider it a starting point for building for the time being.


CASE STUDY : Davis Cave

The eponymous first creation of one of the legends in underground home construction, Davis Cave is an unusual, Rocky, 1970s take on underground living through organic design. This home is the brainchild (and workchild) of Andy Davis and family, and features two sections – one rectangular and the largest portion an octagon. More unusually, the interior has been decorated with what literally must be thousands of rocks and small boulders. For the roof, the davis family chose an attractive – and even still quite contemporary – mixture of xeriscaping and a traditional green roof.