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Category: wood

CASE STUDY : Ratzlaff House

This amazing owner-built underground home is truly unique. The home immediately shows a striking combination of landscape and terrain design,  scale of construction, and intricate architectural elements. The interior continues the trend with an opulent-if-not-almost-gratuitous mixture of classical wood furnishings (the owner is a woodworker), and even features a secret door! I could go on, but please see the owner’s website ( for a much better tour!

CASE STUDY : The underground studio

From a high guru of the earth-sheltered arts, rob roy, this rare wood earth-sheltered and earthen-roof home studio packs a punch. With an almost kinkade-esque quality, the underground studio has a 6″ earthen roof and is bermed on 3 sides.

CASE STUDY : The Walled Garden

A beautiful, modern example of earth-sheltered wooden construction. The Walled Garden is a british underground home that combines earthen roof living with a modern, environmentally contoured design.

CASE STUDY : Troglodium

An owner/designer-built home, this beautiful example of cordwood construction brings a more naturalistic approach to construction.

CASE STUDY : Dani Ridge House

This beautifully contemporary earth-sheltered home on the west coast strikes a great balance between modest design and an earthen roof.

CASE STUDY : Fieldstone Suite

This small underground home packs a lot of punch. Serving as a rental (but not bed and breakfast), this 600 sqft pristine example of the retaining wall style with an earthen roof lets you truly experience the benefits of an earth-sheltered home.

CASE STUDY : Clark House

A well-documented underground home and NESEA open house, the clark house is a great contemporary example of a modern underground home. Built and installed in January, 1991, this earth-sheltered home in New York state puts a lot of emphasis on good design and passive solar (PAHS) principles.

CASE STUDY : The Pinnacle House

This exquisite, sprawling underground home by Don Metz (among the legends of earth-sheltered home building) is not only a beautiful home to live in, at the time of writing it’s actually on the market.

CASE STUDY : Feuille House

Built for a the weather on the coast, this simple wood/concrete underground home features an open floorplan and central two-level area with a loft.

LINK : The underground house of jim mortensen (External Link)