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Category: Arkansas

CASE STUDY : Ratzlaff House

This amazing owner-built underground home is truly unique. The home immediately shows a striking combination of landscape and terrain design,  scale of construction, and intricate architectural elements. The interior continues the trend with an opulent-if-not-almost-gratuitous mixture of classical wood furnishings (the owner is a woodworker), and even features a secret door! I could go on, but please see the owner’s website ( for a much better tour!

CASE STUDY : Yellville Home

While only partially underground, the yellville home is an artistic blend of traditional rural construction with an earth bermed structure.

CASE STUDY : Greenbrier Home

“This 30 year-old home is an excellent example of a correctly constructed underground dwelling. There are no moisture, mildew or structural problems. The home is passively solar heated (it is south-facing) and maintains a fairly constant temperature with moderate input from the central heat/air. As it faces south in Arkansas, it can get rather hot in the summer. There are photos of our house on Zillow from when it was for sale two years ago, but we did not take them. I believe they were taken by Heather Wyman, from whom we bought this wonderful home.” – S. Cook

CASE STUDY : Irvin Home

A pristine suburban underground home, the irvan home uses the terra-dome building system to great effect. With a unique brick facade, and full earth berming, the home really shows what you can do with earth sheltering in a very practical package.

CASE STUDY : Beckham Creek Cave Haven

A palatial retreat underground, this cave-based definitely qualifies as “underground”. With numerous facilities and a great lighting scheme, the haven provides a unique experience for guests. It was built by the founder of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company