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Category: California

CASE STUDY : Abalone House

This merrily aquatic earth-sheltered and earth-bermed home in Big Sur is a great coastal example of green building.

CASE STUDY : Dani Ridge House

This beautifully contemporary earth-sheltered home on the west coast strikes a great balance between modest design and an earthen roof.

LINK : Unconventional green building links from the Sierra Green Building Association (External Link)

CASE STUDY : Hacienda De La Paz

This mansion is a little off – the opulent luxury goes down in floors instead of up. This $53 million behemoth, the brainchild of it’s owner – a shrimp importing magnate, features doznes of rooms including 2 full size tennis courts (one underground, and one on the grounds).

LINK : Performance Building Systems, maker of reinforced concrete shells and underground home plans (External Link)

LINK : earth sheltered home in southern ca for sale (External Link)

CASE STUDY : sundown house

Another great case study from the “earth sheltered housing design” book by the University of Minnesota’s underground space center (1979), the sundown house has a very appropriate for it’s name – natural lighting. This home, unique even by underground home standards, features large tracts of windows , and consists of two separate structures with individual entrances. The house makes liberal use of sloping angles, with a traditional green roof. A good portion of the main house structure is only surrounded partially by earth,  apparently up to just a few couple of feet in some places.