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Category: Colorado

CASE STUDY : Lyons House

CASE STUDY : Magic mushroom house

Despite the home’s name, it has never been influenced by the grateful dead.The magic mushroom house in scenic Aspen, CO, is an ornate artistic wonder of earth bermed living.

CASE STUDY : Touch the Earth Ranch

A fantastic example of both eartship and earth-sheltered home construction, this author-built earthship home in colorado was the starting point for an earth-sheltered home building company.

CASE STUDY : The Hart Home

This earthbag dome home is located in Crestone, CO. It was built over the course of 3 years by its owners – Kelly and Rosana Hart.  The home was built to plumbing and electrical codes but not to the uniform housing codes (not adopted by region)

CASE STUDY : Performance building systems model home

CASE STUDY : SunEarth House

UPDATE: Apparently “SunEarth” is actually an underground home plan, which you can purchase for $325 at

This innovative underground home in colorado has the perfect blend of PAHS techniques and extensive berming. The home features floor-to-ceiling glass windows facing south,  and a less conventional passive solar system using water-filled black drums.