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Category: Minnesota

CASE STUDY : Seward Townhomes

While not a single residence, this townhouse development in minneapolis is a collective selling point for the benefits of underground houses in an urban environment. Built with a large facing towards a very active roadway, the occupants apparently report a very quiet living environment and fairly stable temperature in minnesota winters. (See case study source book for more details).

CASE STUDY : Abrahamsen Home

Although neither earthen roof nor completely underground, this earth-bermed house in minnesota otherwise serves as a great example of the benefits of a full earth-sheltered home. With a variety of solar friendly architecture and energy efficiency, the home shows that you can have a lot of the benefits of underground living simply by berming a traditional above-ground home.

CASE STUDY : Wall Home

This example may not be as firmly in the “pro” category. A great example of the 90 degree facing design style, this underground home was however abandoned and eventually demolished due to mold and water activity. Among the complaints of the owner are a lack of exterior noise (which may not be a detractor for some) and mold growth. Facing repairs, the couple apparently chose to build and move into a traditional home on the property.

LINK : “Walls replace earth home with cottage-style rambler” (External Link)

CASE STUDY : Sticks and Stones house

This unusually urban earth sheltered home is a great example of building underground in a dense city. Located in minneapolis, minnesota, this 1350 square foot home is a testament to how some designs stay modern even over 30 years. The home features numerous window wells, and faces south to take advantage of solar heating.

CASE STUDY : topic house

The topic house is a great example of the delta retaining wall design that’s then back-filled. Although it does somewhat have the “long hallway” look, this impressive underground home packs in 2400 sqft and three internal garages with 3BDR, 2BA.