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Category: New Mexico

CASE STUDY : Earthship

The eponymous prototype of the building form, the model earthship was designed by NM architect Michael Reynolds. The home serves as a showcase for Reynold’s business, Earthship Biotecture.  The home is also a marvel of self-sufficiency, with numerous systems integrated to captured water, provide power, etc.

CASE STUDY : Dobson House

CASE STUDY : Kokopelli’s Cave

This amazing underground cave Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico blends luxury with natural cave living. At 70′ below the surface, it’s also one of the most well-sheltered underground homes.

LINK : Earthship Biotecture – builder of the original ‘Earthship’, Mike Reynolds (External Link)

LINK: Earthships for rent near Taos, NM (External Link)

CASE STUDY: A Bart Prince earth-sheltered home in NM

An alluring blend of architectural styles, this amazing earth-sheltered home is actually for sale as of Jan 2013. With a spanish brick style mixed with contemporary wood features, every part of this home shows off the amazing intricacy of renowned architect Bart Prince.