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Category: Bermed with Earthen Roof

CASE STUDY : Seward Townhomes

While not a single residence, this townhouse development in minneapolis is a collective selling point for the benefits of underground houses in an urban environment. Built with a large facing towards a very active roadway, the occupants apparently report a very quiet living environment and fairly stable temperature in minnesota winters. (See case study source book for more details).

CASE STUDY : House Gazebo

This amazing, ultra-modern earth-sheltered home in ecuador is pristinely blended with its surroundings.  With a thin green roof over an amazing minimalist layout, the home should be a beacon for the future of eco-development.

CASE STUDY : Basarch Lodge

Ok. I’ll admit a hunting lodge may not be the technical definition of a home, but this amazing ultra-modern earth-sheltered structure by swiss architect Basarch was just too beautiful to omit (plus, the only difference here lies in purpose). The lodge features large open spaces with vaulted ceilings, great for easing the fears of even the most deeply entrenched claustrophobic.

CASE STUDY : Denison Home

This amazing, owner-designed underground house has been dubbed “the safest house in texas”. Currently for sale in denison, TX, the property features bullet-resistant windows and heavyweight doors in an oddly classical design.

CASE STUDY : Legge Home (pool house)

This amazing architectural example is located in scenic Westlake Hills, TX. With an earth berm and partial earthen roof, the legge home’s pool house by architect Murray Ledge shows a good blend of aesthetic styles and eco-friendly design

CASE STUDY : The Walled Garden

A beautiful, modern example of earth-sheltered wooden construction. The Walled Garden is a british underground home that combines earthen roof living with a modern, environmentally contoured design.

CASE STUDY : Abalone House

This merrily aquatic earth-sheltered and earth-bermed home in Big Sur is a great coastal example of green building.

CASE STUDY : Dani Ridge House

This beautifully contemporary earth-sheltered home on the west coast strikes a great balance between modest design and an earthen roof.

CASE STUDY : Solaria

One of underground home guru and architect malcolm wells’ finest creations, Solaria has a mix of earth sheltering and solar exposure that rivals any underground home.

CASE STUDY : Adirondack House

This amazing ultra-modern underground home blends in as well as it shines. With a luxurious floorplan, the architect firm Gluck+ designed this amazing house in Adirondack, NY, with a palatial layout and private lap pool.