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Category: Cave

CASE STUDY : Chez Hélène-Amboise Troglodyte

An amazing example of an affordable, long-lived modern cave home – the Chez Hélène-Amboise Troglodyte is a rags-to-riches story of a home blossoming within a family. A cave home acquired in modern times for One Euro at auction from a family member, this beautifully rustic cave home was renovated for just under $50k. And even better – one room of the renovated cave house is now for rental essentially as a bed-and-breakfast through AirBNB!

CASE STUDY : Coober Pedy Underground Bed and Breakfast

Situated underground amidst the hostile, arid environment of coober pedy, this bed and breakfast slash underground house makes great use of the environment at hand.

CASE STUDY : Beckham Creek Cave Haven

A palatial retreat underground, this cave-based definitely qualifies as “underground”. With numerous facilities and a great lighting scheme, the haven provides a unique experience for guests. It was built by the founder of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company

CASE STUDY : Kokopelli’s Cave

This amazing underground cave Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico blends luxury with natural cave living. At 70′ below the surface, it’s also one of the most well-sheltered underground homes.

CASE STUDY : Cave House in Festus, Missouri

This well-entranched home combines a large natural rock cave with a fairly traditional facing. With over 15,000 feet in square footage, the home has served as  both a living space and entertainment venue at times for it’s two owners.

CASE STUDY : Davis Cave

The eponymous first creation of one of the legends in underground home construction, Davis Cave is an unusual, Rocky, 1970s take on underground living through organic design. This home is the brainchild (and workchild) of Andy Davis and family, and features two sections – one rectangular and the largest portion an octagon. More unusually, the interior has been decorated with what literally must be thousands of rocks and small boulders. For the roof, the davis family chose an attractive – and even still quite contemporary – mixture of xeriscaping and a traditional green roof.