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Category: Dome

CASE STUDY : Old Dial Home

This underground monolithic dome home stands out with a very well landscaped exterior and efficient creativity in the interior layout.

LINK: underground dome homes for rent in Spain (External Link)

CASE STUDY : NestEgg Home

This well-entrenched underground dome home features a spacious 3500 sqft floor plan. With over 150 tons of concrete, and 3 times that much dirt covering the structure, the home is one of the most well buried earth homes taller than one story. Surprisingly, all of this weight is supported by a 4″ thick re-enforced concrete dome.

CASE STUDY : Lättenstrasse Earth House estate

An incredibly iconic home, even in the underground and earth-sheltered community, the Lättenstrasse Earth House estate is a cluster of earth-sheltered underground domes located in Switzerland (Dietikon). The unique curves and almost futuristic layout of this underground dome development really go above and beyond convention. Many units also look directly out on shallow ponds and channels, giving it an even more impressive visual touch.

CASE STUDY : Vertical Artisans Home

Originally built to house the ministers of a church across the street, this home has long since deteriorated from it’s construction date. However, a group called the vertical artistans is bringing it back to life through a concrete restoration project. Note -the attached photo is the revealed and unburied concrete shell, before the restoration.

CASE STUDY : Vinski Dome

One of the larger dome home examples, this underground monolithic dome features two stories and over 2800 feet

CASE STUDY : Lundin Home

This creative, and very sunny, example of a concrete dome/form home is right at home in the farming landscape of

CASE STUDY : Paradox House

A southwestern twist on normal earth-covered dome homes, this arizona underground home is currently on the market!

VIDEO : Waterproofing a FormWorks building Inc. earth-sheltered home

LINK : FormWorks Building, Inc – makers of concrete form based earth sheltered dome homes (External Link)