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CASE STUDY : The Hilltop House

Despite it’s 1975 birthdate, this home still looks very modern. A unique design, the hilltop house features a spacious 3500 sqft within and under a partial pyramid green roof. The picture really does say 1000 words..

CASE STUDY : Yellville Home

While only partially underground, the yellville home is an artistic blend of traditional rural construction with an earth bermed structure.

CASE STUDY : Magic mushroom house

Despite the home’s name, it has never been influenced by the grateful dead.The magic mushroom house in scenic Aspen, CO, is an ornate artistic wonder of earth bermed living.

CASE STUDY : Ridge Road Home

This earth-bermed home, for sale at the time of this case study, is a great blend of traditional brick home construction and earth berming. With a large, half-hexagon design, this traditional residence is a perfect fit for a family.

CASE STUDY : Abrahamsen Home

Although neither earthen roof nor completely underground, this earth-bermed house in minnesota otherwise serves as a great example of the benefits of a full earth-sheltered home. With a variety of solar friendly architecture and energy efficiency, the home shows that you can have a lot of the benefits of underground living simply by berming a traditional above-ground home.

CASE STUDY: A Bart Prince earth-sheltered home in NM

An alluring blend of architectural styles, this amazing earth-sheltered home is actually for sale as of Jan 2013. With a spanish brick style mixed with contemporary wood features, every part of this home shows off the amazing intricacy of renowned architect Bart Prince.

CASE STUDY : SubT, by Jeff Sikora

Unique even by underground home standards, SubT combines what looks like an A frame roof with triangular retaining walls and supports.