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Category: Earthship

CASE STUDY : Earthship

The eponymous prototype of the building form, the model earthship was designed by NM architect Michael Reynolds. The home serves as a showcase for Reynold’s business, Earthship Biotecture.  The home is also a marvel of self-sufficiency, with numerous systems integrated to captured water, provide power, etc.

CASE STUDY : Potter’s place house

This underground home is a hybrid of earthship (through tire construction) and a standard wood and thatch style home. Built into a mountainside, it defies the usual conventions of earthship construction by having a more traditional facade – a great blend well suited for suburban environments.

CASE STUDY : Dobson House

CASE STUDY : Touch the Earth Ranch

A fantastic example of both eartship and earth-sheltered home construction, this author-built earthship home in colorado was the starting point for an earth-sheltered home building company.

LINK: Earthships for rent near Taos, NM (External Link)