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CASE STUDY : Coober Pedy Underground Bed and Breakfast

Situated underground amidst the hostile, arid environment of coober pedy, this bed and breakfast slash underground house makes great use of the environment at hand.

CASE STUDY : Marshall House

This beautiful pit/courtyard style underground home is an amazing example of coastal underground living. With the only ground-level hint of an underground house being a shallow black line, the house maintains an extremely low profile.

CASE STUDY : The Hilltop House

Despite it’s 1975 birthdate, this home still looks very modern. A unique design, the hilltop house features a spacious 3500 sqft within and under a partial pyramid green roof. The picture really does say 1000 words..

CASE STUDY : Old Dial Home

This underground monolithic dome home stands out with a very well landscaped exterior and efficient creativity in the interior layout.

CASE STUDY : Yellville Home

While only partially underground, the yellville home is an artistic blend of traditional rural construction with an earth bermed structure.


The second earth-sheltered home by Massachusetts underground home legend John Barnard, Ecology II takes a much different approach than its predecessor. Instead of a pit/atrium style underground home layout, this design is more reminiscent of the terra-dome(tm) form style.

CASE STUDY : Earthship

The eponymous prototype of the building form, the model earthship was designed by NM architect Michael Reynolds. The home serves as a showcase for Reynold’s business, Earthship Biotecture.  The home is also a marvel of self-sufficiency, with numerous systems integrated to captured water, provide power, etc.

CASE STUDY : Potter’s place house

This underground home is a hybrid of earthship (through tire construction) and a standard wood and thatch style home. Built into a mountainside, it defies the usual conventions of earthship construction by having a more traditional facade – a great blend well suited for suburban environments.

CASE STUDY : Magic mushroom house

Despite the home’s name, it has never been influenced by the grateful dead.The magic mushroom house in scenic Aspen, CO, is an ornate artistic wonder of earth bermed living.

CASE STUDY : Philip Island House

This amazing plain concrete underground home is a pinnacle of simplicity and the retaining wall design. Forming a large courtyard, the home provides a sheltered family home with a trapezoidal facade facing the beach.