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Category: Retaining Wall

CASE STUDY : Philip Island House

This amazing plain concrete underground home is a pinnacle of simplicity and the retaining wall design. Forming a large courtyard, the home provides a sheltered family home with a trapezoidal facade facing the beach.

CASE STUDY : Greenbrier Home

“This 30 year-old home is an excellent example of a correctly constructed underground dwelling. There are no moisture, mildew or structural problems. The home is passively solar heated (it is south-facing) and maintains a fairly constant temperature with moderate input from the central heat/air. As it faces south in Arkansas, it can get rather hot in the summer. There are photos of our house on Zillow from when it was for sale two years ago, but we did not take them. I believe they were taken by Heather Wyman, from whom we bought this wonderful home.” – S. Cook

CASE STUDY : The underground studio

From a high guru of the earth-sheltered arts, rob roy, this rare wood earth-sheltered and earthen-roof home studio packs a punch. With an almost kinkade-esque quality, the underground studio has a 6″ earthen roof and is bermed on 3 sides.

CASE STUDY : Cumbria House

One of the more famous examples of english underground homes, the cumbria house is rare in that the construction is amazingly well documented. Featured on the UK show ‘Grand Designs’, the construction process was detailed including a few initial speedbumps that most construction projects may face. The home has bedrooms situated on the ground floor, and the living area upstairs for the most part to take advantage of stunning views through an all-glass front.

CASE STUDY : Sonoita Home

This amazing underground home in the southwest is a great example of the custom cement construction techniques that were introduced at the height of the earth home craze.

CASE STUDY : Wall Home

This example may not be as firmly in the “pro” category. A great example of the 90 degree facing design style, this underground home was however abandoned and eventually demolished due to mold and water activity. Among the complaints of the owner are a lack of exterior noise (which may not be a detractor for some) and mold growth. Facing repairs, the couple apparently chose to build and move into a traditional home on the property.

LINK : “Walls replace earth home with cottage-style rambler” (External Link)

CASE STUDY : Bresee House

A wonderful angular example of an underground home, this retaining wall style earth-sheltered home features a fairly unique design coupled with a very practical size and layout.

CASE STUDY : Demuyt House

CASE STUDY : Williamsburg Home