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Category: Google SketchUp

New natural rendering of the Stone Wing V6 concept

Check out this new, cocktail-napkin-esque rendering of my prospective underground home concept

GALLERY : Stone Wing V6 – Detailed Interior and Exterior Views

The project is now at a pause point, to a mixture of chagrin and the unquenchable anticipation for the future construction. The interior of the Stone Wing V6 underground home concept has been fleshed out in SketchUp, to await the first round of funding for the engineering and blueprint conversion process to begin.  Check out the latest interior renderings of the earth-sheltered home in-potential below!

Underground home concept – Trapezoid 1

This underground home concept combines the landbridge and full earthen roof concepts.

SketchUp 3D View : Squarely V1

SketchUp 3D View : Rounds

SketchUp 3D View : Curvy

SketchUp 3D View : delta + earthen roof naturalistic rendering

Underground House Concept : Curvy

This underground house concept is a hybrid between a land bridge, a breeze-way, and an atrium to really provide a solid base for independent living.

Underground House Concept – Squarely, Version 2

This refined version of the previous squarely underground home concept is a breath of realistic air. Although space improvements are in the works, and a possible expansion being designed, this version offers a variety of structural and load distribution improvements. To accomodate a large uninterrupted room for the normal living functions, only the bedroom and master bath will have a completely separate space (in addition to being the most buried portion, for temperature benefits)

Underground Home Concept – half covered with delta supports

This design combines a relatively light-weight earthen roof with a more modern concrete design and atrium. The entertainment room and bedroom is significantly covered and bermed with earth.