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CASE STUDY : House Gazebo

This amazing, ultra-modern earth-sheltered home in ecuador is pristinely blended with its surroundings.  With a thin green roof over an amazing minimalist layout, the home should be a beacon for the future of eco-development.

CASE STUDY : The Marquette Home

This beautifully landscaped terra-dome underground home example is really the pinnacle of practical earth-sheltered living that the average person could afford. Built in the early 80s by a north carolina terra-dome franchisee, the home has held up well through the decades.

CASE STUDY : Vinski Dome

One of the larger dome home examples, this underground monolithic dome features two stories and over 2800 feet

INFOGRAPHIC : Types of underground homes

A handy visual guide to the different styles of underground home.

CASE STUDY : Clark House

A well-documented underground home and NESEA open house, the clark house is a great contemporary example of a modern underground home. Built and installed in January, 1991, this earth-sheltered home in New York state puts a lot of emphasis on good design and passive solar (PAHS) principles.

Atomitat : a demonstration of underground home tech for the cold war

Image of Atomitat underground home

While it may have been several decades of strife that brought us to the brink of nuclear war, it cannot be denied that the  1950s and 1960s ushered in a whole new way of looking at underground living. From simple fallout shelters in rural backyards, to complex labrinths designed to shelter hundreds if not thousands of occupants – many underground home types we know and love today evolved from the fears of the day.
Then comes “Atomitat”.
Atomitat, by earth-sheltered home designer Jay Swayze, is a whimsical relic of the old soviet days.  A truly underground home (13 feet!) designed for a sense of surface life – just in case the surface itself was uninhabitable!

New Naturalistic Project View

To keep the inspiration alive in the underground home plan, I whipped up a naturalistic rendering for my underground home concept code-named “Stone Wing”. Set against a hilly area in a meadow of bluebonnets, this view shows the increasing landscaping. Picture blocks of radient texas limestone coupled with the immense earth-sheltered strength of earth and concrete. With wildfires an increasing threat in texas, it’s also a formidable shelter in tough times (although with a wood exterior structure, it might not be without its casualties).

Stone Wing - Meadow Rendering

The Stone Wing underground home concept – Naturalized Landscape rendering for the Texas Hill Country

GALLERY : Stone Wing V6 – Detailed Interior and Exterior Views

The project is now at a pause point, to a mixture of chagrin and the unquenchable anticipation for the future construction. The interior of the Stone Wing V6 underground home concept has been fleshed out in SketchUp, to await the first round of funding for the engineering and blueprint conversion process to begin.  Check out the latest interior renderings of the earth-sheltered home in-potential below!