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CASE STUDY : House Gazebo

This amazing, ultra-modern earth-sheltered home in ecuador is pristinely blended with its surroundings.  With a thin green roof over an amazing minimalist layout, the home should be a beacon for the future of eco-development.

CASE STUDY : Coober Pedy Underground Bed and Breakfast

Situated underground amidst the hostile, arid environment of coober pedy, this bed and breakfast slash underground house makes great use of the environment at hand.

CASE STUDY : Marshall House

This beautiful pit/courtyard style underground home is an amazing example of coastal underground living. With the only ground-level hint of an underground house being a shallow black line, the house maintains an extremely low profile.

CASE STUDY : Potter’s place house

This underground home is a hybrid of earthship (through tire construction) and a standard wood and thatch style home. Built into a mountainside, it defies the usual conventions of earthship construction by having a more traditional facade – a great blend well suited for suburban environments.

CASE STUDY : Philip Island House

This amazing plain concrete underground home is a pinnacle of simplicity and the retaining wall design. Forming a large courtyard, the home provides a sheltered family home with a trapezoidal facade facing the beach.

CASE STUDY : Basarch Lodge

Ok. I’ll admit a hunting lodge may not be the technical definition of a home, but this amazing ultra-modern earth-sheltered structure by swiss architect Basarch was just too beautiful to omit (plus, the only difference here lies in purpose). The lodge features large open spaces with vaulted ceilings, great for easing the fears of even the most deeply entrenched claustrophobic.

LINK: underground dome homes for rent in Spain (External Link)

CASE STUDY : NestEgg Home

This well-entrenched underground dome home features a spacious 3500 sqft floor plan. With over 150 tons of concrete, and 3 times that much dirt covering the structure, the home is one of the most well buried earth homes taller than one story. Surprisingly, all of this weight is supported by a 4″ thick re-enforced concrete dome.

CASE STUDY : Lättenstrasse Earth House estate

An incredibly iconic home, even in the underground and earth-sheltered community, the Lättenstrasse Earth House estate is a cluster of earth-sheltered underground domes located in Switzerland (Dietikon). The unique curves and almost futuristic layout of this underground dome development really go above and beyond convention. Many units also look directly out on shallow ponds and channels, giving it an even more impressive visual touch.

CASE STUDY : Vinski Dome

One of the larger dome home examples, this underground monolithic dome features two stories and over 2800 feet