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LINK : Earth Sheltered Slovakia (External Link)

LINK : Earth Sheltered Homes (External Link)

From the Author: “The Earth Sheltered Life blog is where I will be compiling case studies on earth sheltered homes and other sustainable building ideas.”

LINK: “Why don’t we live underground?” by Josh Clark, (External Link)

LINK : Pros and Cons of Underground Houses (External Link)

LINK : Building my hobbit hole (External Link)

A great blog detailing the construction steps for a pit-style underground home

LINK : Extensive listing of Green Roof projects (External Link)

LINK : Business listings for underground home and earth-sheltered housing resources (External Link)

Want to stay in an earth-sheltered home for a night? An earth-sheltered bed and breakfast (External Link)

This cottage slash bed and breakfast was built by underground home legends Davis Caves of Illinois. The Jackson House Bed & Breakfast in Alton, Illinois is available for nightly rental, as a full-featured bed and breakfast. You can see the jackson house’s main website at

LINK : Arant Earth Sheltered Home Blog (External Link)

A start-to-finish construction blog for a concrete earth-sheltered home in Texas.