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Category: Concrete and geodesic domes

LINK : FormWorks Building, Inc – makers of concrete form based earth sheltered dome homes (External Link)

PDF : “Still saying ‘yes’ to Solar” (External Link)

LINK : Concrete Earth Shelters – Domed (Commercial supplier with some floorplans and SketchUp models for sale) (External Link)

LINK : Gallery of hobbit-themed underground homes in Montana (External Link)

LINK : 20th century castles : Former missile silos and bunkers for sale (External Link)

LINK : modular earth sheltered home builder, with a unique domed module (External Link)

LINK : Unique sprayed-concrete, multi-chamber underground home with an onion-esque dome layout (External Link)

LINK : Youtube video for a custom concrete home in seguin, TX (External Link)

LINK : Case Study – an earth-sheltered dome home in Texas (External Link)

LINK : A concrete dome and underground home builder (External Link)