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LINK : Underground house for sale in Dallas, TX (External Link)

LINK: underground dome homes for rent in Spain (External Link)

LINK : 20th Century Castles LLC (External Link)

A real estate agency and real estate brokerage specializing in underground homes and converted military facilities (missile silos!)

LINK: Earthships for rent near Taos, NM (External Link)

LINK : Vivos – Maker of personal underground shelters and shelter service provider (External Link)

CASE STUDY : Fieldstone Suite

This small underground home packs a lot of punch. Serving as a rental (but not bed and breakfast), this 600 sqft pristine example of the retaining wall style with an earthen roof lets you truly experience the benefits of an earth-sheltered home.

Want to stay in an earth-sheltered home for a night? An earth-sheltered bed and breakfast (External Link)

This cottage slash bed and breakfast was built by underground home legends Davis Caves of Illinois. The Jackson House Bed & Breakfast in Alton, Illinois is available for nightly rental, as a full-featured bed and breakfast. You can see the jackson house’s main website at

LINK : An underground home for rent in the Uhwarrie Mountains (External Link)