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LINK : Vivos – Maker of personal underground shelters and shelter service provider (External Link)

LINK : Subterranean Safe Homes, Inc – maker of underground homes and fortified underground structures (External Link)

LINK : Buy an underground home (External Link)

LINK :, designer and supplier for underground shelters (External Link)

LINK : Unique underground home for sale in Williamsburg, KY (External Link)

LINK : The natural home building source, a natural homes materials and supply marketplace (External Link)

LINK : Terra-dome, a leading builder of concrete form systems and underground homes (External Link)

LINK : Hardened Structures – offering bomb shelters, fortified homes, bunkers, etc (External Link)

LINK : earth sheltered home in southern ca for sale (External Link)

LINK: For Sale, 6000 polypropolene 1200 uv bags (for Earthbag building) (External Link)

I bought the bags to build an earthbag house but ran out of steam and
money. They are in Roberts, Montana. I would like to sell them for
$0.20/bag obo.