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Category: Gallery Sites

LINK : A gallery of underground monolithic dome homes by the Terra-Dome(tm) company (External Link)

LINK : A great visual list of mostly UK earth-sheltered homes (External Link)

LINK: Large gallery site showing construction steps for a Terra-Dome home (External Link)

LINK : 20th Century Castles LLC (External Link)

A real estate agency and real estate brokerage specializing in underground homes and converted military facilities (missile silos!)

LINK: Earthships for rent near Taos, NM (External Link)

LINK : Deep Earth Bunkers (External Link)

LINK : New Hampshire Earth-Sheltered Home Requires Mowing The Roof, But It’s Worth It (External Link)

LINK : 10 Amazing Underground Homes (External Link)

LINK : A great photo sequence from Pinterest touting earthship building (External Link)

LINK : The underground house of jim mortensen (External Link)