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Category: Reinforced Concrete

LINK : Vivos – Maker of personal underground shelters and shelter service provider (External Link)

LINK : Deep Earth Bunkers (External Link)

LINK : Mike scarlett, builder of custom underground homes and shelters in Texas (External Link)

LINK : Performance Building Systems, maker of reinforced concrete shells and underground home plans (External Link)

LINK : Hardened Structures – offering bomb shelters, fortified homes, bunkers, etc (External Link)

LINK : large concrete resources site, with contractor listings (External Link)

LINK : Online book of 300 eco-friendly home design case studies, including the ecology house series by architect John Barnard Jr. (External Link)

LINK : Earth Sheltered Houses, by Paul Mitchell (commercial) (External Link)

LINK : modular earth sheltered home builder, with a unique domed module (External Link)

LINK : Unique sprayed-concrete, multi-chamber underground home with an onion-esque dome layout (External Link)