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LINK : Earth Sheltered Slovakia (External Link)

LINK : Earth Sheltered Homes (External Link)

From the Author: “The Earth Sheltered Life blog is where I will be compiling case studies on earth sheltered homes and other sustainable building ideas.”

LINK : Underground homes gazette (External Link)

LINK : Auroille Earth Institute (External Link)

LINK : Unconventional green building links from the Sierra Green Building Association (External Link)

LINK : a large directory-style list of passive solar home designs (including earth sheltered designs) (External Link)

LINK : Earth Sheltered Home And Building Education and Training Services in the United States (External Link)

LINK : A great suppliers and businesses list for Green Home building (External Link)

LINK : The natural home building source, a natural homes materials and supply marketplace (External Link)

LINK : Extensive listing of Green Roof projects (External Link)