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VIDEO : Another segment from the U.K Show “Grand Design” about an Earthship home

New natural rendering of the Stone Wing V6 concept

Check out this new, cocktail-napkin-esque rendering of my prospective underground home concept

GALLERY : Stone Wing V6 – Detailed Interior and Exterior Views

The project is now at a pause point, to a mixture of chagrin and the unquenchable anticipation for the future construction. The interior of the Stone Wing V6 underground home concept has been fleshed out in SketchUp, to await the first round of funding for the engineering and blueprint conversion process to begin.  Check out the latest interior renderings of the earth-sheltered home in-potential below!

PAHS roof layering for Stone Wing V5 revealed

In order to efficiently use the energy available from the earth’s mass and the sun’s influence, my future earth-sheltered home will feature a very intentionally designed layered roof. These layers will form the PAHS umbrella, in addition to a large concrete thermal mass being used as a separator. PAHS umbrella layers not pictured, but the image above is the general form of the roof to come.


1. neoprene layer for waterproofing

2.second layer of waterproofing/insulation TBD

3. wick or other drainage layer – possibly gravel restrained by a mesh or a dedicated drainage material

Note – this is an experimental roof design subject to revision, and has not been tested or evaluated by a qualified professional.

Final Project Design Chosen!

After nearly a year of exploring the underground home concept in depth, I’ve finally “homed” ( har har ) in on my ideal earth-sheltered home design. I’ve selected “Stone Wing V5” as my final design to move forward with. With a simple blend of eco-living and PAHS thinking, this home concept might actually stand the test of even the most indecisive time. Initial specifications and much more to come as the details are hammered out at a hobbyist’s pace. Check out the Current 3d Rendering of the earth-sheltered home!

Underground house concept : Stone Wing V6

Design on the stone wing concept is being revived after a brief hiatus.  My underground home project is growing to include a sunroom / atrium entryway that will give more exposure for PAHS efficiency, and the overall layout has changed drastically to accommodate a larger common area. Check out the attached rough sketch – more to come!

Welcome to the New Format!

Welcome to the new and improved version of the Underground Home Directory. This more minimalist browsing experience will allow for the focus to remain on underground and earth-sheltered home data. I hope you’ll stay and check out the growing archives of case studies and links, or submit your own earth-sheltered home link

Project Update – The final design concept is being tweaked!

I’ve decided to dedicate the design process to the Stone Wing concept, as a practical underground home concept for texas – featuring natural ventilation and emergency access. Check it out at the Stone Wing underground home case study page on this site

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