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VIDEO : An earth-sheltered house tour

VIDEO : The author’s underground home concept – Oct 15 revision

The Stone Wing concept is shaping up! After considering the environmental and contouring needs of the design, I’ve added basically converted the front of the design to a sunroom with a front planter and earth berm. As a nod to a stone wing design many revisions ago, I also added support beams extending and secured in the concrete planter’s front wall. This completes the “pyramid” effect with a more conventional sunroom design.

CASE STUDY : Troglodium

An owner/designer-built home, this beautiful example of cordwood construction brings a more naturalistic approach to construction.

VIDEO : Segment on an underground former missile silo home in kansas

VIDEO : A video tour of Villa Vals, the circular underground home in the hillside

VIDEO : An interview and video tour with the author of the “$50 and up underground house book”, Mike Oehler

VIDEO : A video tour of an average-sized earth-sheltered dome home

VIDEO : the author’s project – an evolved 3D rendering walkthrough tour of the stone wing earth-sheltered home design

VIDEO : A 3d rendering of a walking tour of stonewing!

VIDEO : Cody Lundin’s Zero Energy Home